Toll and transport cost calculator

Basis for issuing quotes

Is your quote accurate? For an exact calculation, you need to know what expenses to expect. Besides transport expenses, the lorry toll is a major cost factor.

Functional overview:

  • Exact lorry toll cost calculator, including future changes to toll charges.
  • Calculate special tolls
  • Take the route, time and fixed costs into account
  • Surcharges for individual expenses

UNTRRplanner provides regularly updated toll charges for European countries, including planned future changes. This also includes the special toll for tunnels and bridges.

The software can also take into account surcharges for loads and for your individual costs, such as distances and stops. Calculate the transport costs for your desired vehicle profile, based on the cost per kilometre or hour, or on fixed costs.

You can add extra stops at route points, journey breaks and rest periods along your route. This way you can provide more precise quotes. You will avoid unpleasant surprises for you and your customers.