The standard lorry route planner

The basis for clear transport planning

Avoid disagreements about the number of kilometres or time spent travelling. With UNTRRplanner, you generate results on which to base your quote or invoice.

Functional overview:

  • Four standard vehicle profiles
  • Traffic information
  • Own configurable vehicle profiles
  • Allow arrival and departure in blocked zones
  • Take travel and break times into account
  • Environmental zones
  • Unique IRU kilometres

Plan your routes based on important information for lorries. You can choose from four vehicle profiles, with which you generate standard results:

  • Heavy goods vehicle 40T
  • Light goods vehicle 20T
  • City distribution 12T
  • Van (Courier)

The profiles are set up to calculate the optimum route, taking into account toll roads, environmental zones, weight restrictions, transit traffic, bridge heights and other route restrictions.

You can also choose the newly added ADR* vehicle Based on the various tunnel restrictions, you can specify the category your vehicle belongs to for each stop.