How accurate and up to date is the information about taxes?

Normally we should have the newest toll data within 1 month after it’s official released.
The updates in our software depends  when our data department received the data of a  specific county.

What is the pricing list for members and non-members?

Member 1st license: 399
Member additional license: 249

How do you instruct the software to avoid certain types of roads when planning a route ( like avoiding highways)

The truck vehicles are all locked so every UNTRRplanner user will get the same results when using the same inputs. If you really want to do avoid certain roadsegments you need to create a own routing profile. To do that you need to open the use case “Vehicle Management” and create a new routing profile in the tab “Routing profile”. After you have created a routing profile you need to create a own vehicle. To create a own vehicle you go to tab “Vehicles”. The default vehicles are locked so you cannot select a different routing profile.

How can I visualize road restrictions on all the map / before planning a route?

You can zoom in the map, when we have map blocking it will be visible in the map. Make sure you have to zoom in close to the roads. If you are talking about the traffic information you can flag on the “Traffic information” option in the visibility option of the map.

Where/How can I take into account my drivers` breaks & rest hours?

Is parameter option in the software. Just turn it on. In that parameter option you can also select 1 or 2 drivers.