Sequence and time window optimisation

Easier and faster planning

Do you recognise this scenario? Your lorries visit several customers on a single route. The customers want to receive their deliveries on the same day, within time windows agreed in advance. Planning the optimal delivery sequence can take many hours.

Functional overview:

  • Individual time slots, enabling you to reach more customers in less time
  • Calculation based on the kilometres that have to be covered and/or time slots during which the customers want deliveries to be made
  • Takes into account opening times and time-slot systems for delivery to warehouses
  • Factors in opening times and ramp times
  • Reduces waiting times at the ramp
  • Availabiliy and fixed start and end points

Avoid unnecessary travel and waiting times with the driving time calculator

With UNTRRplanner you can quickly and easily optimise the sequence of route points. You can calculate your route based on the straight line distance, kilometres on the road or the time windows within which your customers wish to receive their deliveries.

This allows you to take into account opening hours, accessibility and fixed departure and destination points. That way you avoid unnecessary travel and waiting times, and the associated costs.