Testimonial Grifon Serex Srl

Before purchasing the solution, we have tested multiple applications, but we chose UNTRRplanner because it allows us to easily create the routes, calculate the costs and therefore helps us offer our customers a price estimation based on exact data. These features convinced us of the advantageousness of the solution.

Last but not least, due to the fact that we work with expedition houses, the solution has helped us to quickly compare the routes offered by our collaborators. In this way we improved the relationship with partners by avoiding errors or misunderstandings.

In the near future we plan to extend our fleet and we consider that the system will be an instrument of great use in this direction as it will allow us to honor more orders in a shorter time, both internally and internationally.

Cristi Stefan,
Manager parc auto Grifon Serex S.R.L.,
Transport company founded in 1994, which offers domestic and international transport services through 24 trucks.

Testimonial Valmar Logistic Car

We chose UNTRRplanner mainly for planning the routes of our vehicles and for being up to date with road tolls, information needed in our day-to-day activities.
Now we are able to compare the results from the system with our monthly invoices and we can create better routes regarding the number of kilometers.

The system is helping us increase the profitability of our company through cost-efficient travels and a better management of our routes and offers.

Necula Ionut,
Logistics Department Manager at VALMAR LOGISTIC CAR
, an international and domestic transport services company with 30 vehicles

Testimonial Gal Spedition

We`ve tested various applications before, but I decided to buy the UNTRRplanner solution due to the fact that it helps us to easily establish itineraries for our vehicles, and it offers us visibility over the number of kilometers and transport costs, thus increasing our productivity.

Ilie Losenco,
Fleet Manager GAL SPEDITION,
transport company with 15 vehicles that offers international freight services.